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Pixel Party

Pretend to be on a floating island. Just, a floating island! A floating island with only one goal: To bring you and your friends a lot of fun!
Shouldn't be that hard, as this island is perfectly designed for that. First, choose how many rounds you want to play. Then, per round you can select which minigame you would like to play.
Maybe you find Lava Floor fun, or maybe you prefer Bow Circle? From zombies and traitors to Boomballs and raining anvils. It's all up to you and your friends!


This map contains:
9 unique minigames:
Sneaky Snipers
Anivil Attack
Border Battle
King Of The Potato
Mine Diamonds
Bow Circle
Lava Floor
A unique build
A very special floor
A parkour course
Support for every amount of people, although you will need 2 or more players to play the map
An advanced reset system
Got kicked, or tuned in lately? No problem! The map will check if it is needed to modify your score.
Endless fun


This map requires multiple people. The map won't start/will directly reset if there's only one player.
Play on 1.13.2
Pixel Party
Parkour Island
Pixel Party