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Mission Cold

From the same creators that brought you Parkour Island, and the ongoing Reality of Dreams series, comes Mission Cold.
Mission Cold is a 1-10 player adventure map, centered around the idea of racing your friends. Featuring voice acting, music, custom sounds, models, textures, and really cool hallways, this map is sure to be a blast.

After most employees have already left to spend their remaining time with their families, you and any others arrive at the TRG headquarters, to be briefed on your secret mission to save the most important man in minecraftia, from a killer storm.

Gameplay tips
- In case you drive too far into an unloaded area, feel free to either stop your vehicle and let the chunks load in- or press F3+A to reload them instantly.
- Hostile mobs = Music for the most part
- Friendly mobs = Voices for the most part
- Click all signs, who knows, you might discover something hidden.
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